Stryvo tilstede på ONS 2018
Tuesday 28 August 2018
Stryvo er å finne i hall 7 på standnr 7500 på oljemessa (ONS) i Stavanger frå mandag 27/8 til og med torsdag 30/8.
Vi ønsker gamle kunder og nye kunder hjertelig velkommen innom for en faglig prat.
Stryvo Bismo with deliveries of pumpskids
Monday 12 February 2018
Excellent project management and on-time delivery of 5 pump skids for methanol injection made for Statoil's Dvalin field.
A demanding and challenging project that has been successfully completed with good feedback from Stryvo Bismos's customer Delta-P Pump and Compressor Systems AS.
Stryvo with deliveries to Ørsta Sports Hall
Tuesday 9 January 2018
Stryvo Stryn are going to deliver all main steel structures to Ørsta Sports Hall.
The building will be as large as 8000 sq.m. and the roof construction will be up to 53 meters without support in the middle. The production and construction will start immediately.