Stryvo Oslo has high expertise in manufacturing of gears and deliver a wide range of products and sizes.
Our production of gears are most often based on customers specifications and requests.

  • We manufacture gears from module 1 to 22 with 20 degree angle
  • Outside diameter max 1700 mm
  • Inside tanning up to diameter 250 mm, hight 125mm, module 1.25 to 6 spiral wheels
  • Sprockets ¾ - 2 "split
  • Splines 
  • Materials: Cast Iron, Stainless, Crom, Nickel, Plastic mm


  • 3 gear grinders for external tanning
  • 1 gear milling indoor / outdoor tanning
  • Keyway Machine 4 mm to 50 mm
  • 2 grinding machine for grinding of hubs


  • Our operators have 30 years experience in the production of gears for the national and international industries.
  • Machining and turning in the same company provides short deliverytime
  • Welding Expertise of complete gear components is one of our advantages against foreign competitors
  • We can also deliver the products complete assembled and tested
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