Stryvo's expertise and competence in machining, welding, NDT, and documentation have made them a sought-after manufacturer of equipment and products for the oil and gas industry.

Our engineers and production workers are skilled and have extensive experience in delivering to large parts of the world.

We can produce everything from small machined parts to large, fully assembled structures that are machined, welded, and ready for installation.

Our products can be delivered fully tested and documented in accordance with NORSOK or other applicable standards.

Reference products:

  • Umbilicals (control and power cables for subsea installations)
  • UTA / PLEM / PLET (subsea transfer units)
  • T-seals (seals) Mudmats (foundation plates for subsea installations)
  • Mudmats (foundation structures for subsea installations)

We would be happy to contribute with our expertise in your project.