In our cutting department, we offer efficient cutting services for both thin and thick materials using our modern machinery.

Our experienced team consists of dedicated professionals who possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to deliver products of superior quality and precision. We utilize advanced machines and the latest technology in drawing transfer and layout. We offer cutting services for various materials ranging from plastic sheets to hard high-alloyed metals.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a method that uses a high-pressure water jet combined with an abrasive substance to cut through different materials. This technique enables precise cuts without affecting the structure or properties of the material. Waterjet cutting is ideal for projects that require a high degree of precision, complex shapes, or cutting materials that are sensitive to heat.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a process where an electric arc generates intense heat and melts through the material. This method is particularly effective for thicker materials and allows for higher cutting speeds compared to traditional waterjet cutting. With our advanced plasma cutting technology, we can achieve precise and efficient cuts, even on challenging materials.

We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Our team is ready to assist you in finding tailored solutions that best suit your project.