Once again, Stryvo Bismo has been chosen as the supplier of a filter system for the world's largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank Wind Farm. The option that now takes effect applies to the third phase of the wind farm, Dogger Bank C, and comes after two previously successful deliveries at Dogger Bank A and B in 2021. The filter system is in its entirety built locally in Skjåk. This is an important and good project for the small company that is located halfway in the mountains in Central Norway. Aibel has the contract for Stryvo Bismo. The project is a collaboration between Equinor, SSE Renewables and Eni. Stryvo Bismo is very pleased to be shown this confidence in advanced and key components in such a prestigious and innovative investment with these heavy players. For Stryvo Group, this delivery is also entirely in line with last year's commitment and strategy of being a key supplier and partner in sustainable investments both on land and at sea.