About Stryvo

The Stryvo Group, with its 100 employees, consists of Stryvo AS and Stryvo Oslo AS. Today, the group stands as one of the most versatile mechanical players in Norway.

Their expertise spans across several sectors including hydropower, oil and gas, maritime industry, fish and seafood, defense, land-based industry, and construction. Their deliveries encompass various services such as design, engineering, production, completion, service/maintenance, and upgrades.

For many clients, Stryvo is a central partner/supplier in major innovative projects, including hydrogen, offshore wind, carbon capture, subsea compression, and wave power.

Board Members

The Stryvo Group's board consists of 4 members:

Board members are:
Nils Are Karstad Lysø, Jostein Bøe, Linda Merete Bøe
The chairman of the board is Arild Bødal.


Stryvo AS was established in Stryn in 1947 as Stryn Vognfabrikk, the parent company of the Stryvo Group.

Traditionally, Stryvo has provided products, services, and solutions within oil and gas, maritime industry, land-based industry, construction, fish, and seafood. However, in recent years, Stryvo has heavily invested in gaining market share within hydropower, offshore wind, carbon capture, and hydrogen production.

Renewable energy is currently the largest segment for Stryvo both in Stryn and within the group.

Stryvo Bismo AS was established in 2013, building on the expertise of former Bismo Industries, founded in 1976. Stryvo Bismo has a strong reputation for high-quality engineering and production, specializing in hatches and pipes, process packages, and seawater filters. Today, Stryvo Bismo supplies its products to the largest offshore wind farms.

Brødr. Skaug Mekanisk Verksted AS was acquired in 2014. Brødr. Sundt AS was purchased in 2016. Both companies were machining firms, and in 2016, they were rebranded as Stryvo Oslo AS.

Stryvo Oslo AS specializes in turning and processing high-alloy steel such as titanium, inconel, and super duplex. Many of Stryvo Oslo's clients operate within the oil and gas industry or other demanding sectors.

In 2021, the workshop division of the former Goltens Norway was merged into Stryvo Oslo, further solidifying Stryvo's position as a sought-after "Service Partner," specializing in engine overhauls, on-site machining, and re-casting of white metal bearings in power plants and larger vessels.

These three well-established companies were consolidated under one roof at Strømsveien 195 in Alnabru in 2020.

From the autumn of 2023, the operations of Stryvo Bismo were integrated into the parent company, Stryvo AS.

Key figures

Turnover 180 M NOK
Employees 100
Buildings 7 500 sqm
Sites 32 000 sqm

Vision Statement

"Trusted partner for future solutions”

Mission Statement / Business Ethics

Our Mission Statement includes details of our core business principles for success and is therefore internally facing i.e. what do we want to achieve and how we will do it on a daily basis:

Stryvo to be the supplier and brand of choice of our customers, by the professional community, in each of our markets segments. Our market position is achieved through delivery of a professional level of services adapted to the market, within our core competencies, with respect to our clients and to common business relationship.

Service is delivered in a professional manner, with integrity by well-trained, supervised and highly motivated individuals who enjoy working in Stryvo. Staff are motivated by the challenges of their assigned tasks, recognition of excellence, regular training and a good working environment.

Management protects and maintains our non-political, open and honest culture and acts with integrity.

Consequently, Stryvo, in all its forms when viewed by clients, staff, feeders, suppliers or shareholders, will continue to exceed expectations.

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