Our services in surface treatment include pickling, sandblasting, and painting.


For products made of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, and high-alloy grades such as duplex, super duplex, and inconel, we offer pickling services. Pickling provides a white and clean surface, effectively removing welding fumes residues and repairing the oxide layer after welding. The pickling process is carried out using carefully selected acids that are gentle on the material while efficiently removing unwanted deposits. Our experienced professionals ensure that the treatment is performed with high precision and quality, resulting in optimal outcomes.

There are numerous benefits to pickling. Not only does it remove residues from processing and welding, but it also contributes to restoring and preserving the surface's corrosion resistance. This is particularly important for maintaining material quality and extending the product's lifespan. The treated products do not require further finishing and can be directly exposed to corrosive environments.


We provide sandblasting services for steel products, which removes rust and impurities, laying the foundation for effective corrosion protection before painting.


In collaboration with our suppliers, we offer certified painting systems that adhere to strict standards and procedures. We can provide documentation for the painting process carried out in accordance with international standards such as Norsok.

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