We offer comprehensive testing and documentation packages for the products we manufacture.

  • Dimensional testing with measurement machines on machined parts
  • PMI testing of material quality
  • Hardness testing ISO, AWS (Brinell)
  • (Brinell)
  • NDT testing of welds (UT/MT/PT/VT)
  • FAT testing of finished products

Our experienced technicians use advanced measuring equipment and specialized software on measurement machines to verify dimensions, surface quality, and tolerance requirements. By conducting accurate tests, we ensure that all our machined parts meet specifications and requirements.

Dimensional testing

PMI testing of material quality

Hardness testing


Our team of certified NDT technicians performs various methods of non-destructive testing, including ultrasound, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and visual testing, to identify any faults or defects in weld joints. This ensures that all welds meet the customer's quality standards and requirements.

  • Ultrasonic Testing

Using advanced ultrasonic technology, we can detect internal flaws, weld weaknesses, crack formations, and material structure deviations. We employ high-quality equipment and experienced technicians to conduct thorough ultrasonic examinations and provide reliable results.

  • Magnetic Particle Testing

By utilizing magnetic fields, we identify surface cracks, welding defects, and structural flaws. This method is particularly effective for ferromagnetic materials. Our specialists utilize advanced equipment to perform precise magnetic particle tests and ensure that your components and structures are free from defects.

  • Penetrant Testing

With penetrant testing, we detect surface flaws and cracks by applying a contrast-colored penetrant material onto the surface of the tested material. Through our expertise and high-quality penetrants, we ensure a thorough evaluation of your components.

  • Visual Inspection

We also offer comprehensive visual inspection to detect visible faults and defects in components and structures. Our experienced inspectors employ advanced optical instruments and cameras to ensure a detailed assessment of your equipment.

Our team consists of highly qualified technicians and inspectors with extensive experience in NDT and testing. By choosing Stryvo, you can be confident that your testing needs will be met in an efficient and professional manner.


Factory Acceptance Testing is an essential part of our quality control process. We can conduct comprehensive tests on finished products before they are delivered to the customer. These tests include functional tests, performance tests, tensile tests, and any specific tests according to the customer's requirements and specifications. By conducting thorough FAT testing, we ensure that our products function as expected and meet all necessary standards and requirements.

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