Stryvo is participating in the focus on green industries, and offshore wind plays a key role in the global transition to the low-carbon society that is happening now.

We have already succeeded in becoming a recognized supplier of seawater filters to major players in the industry.

The technology in the filters has been developed for the oil industry, which has strict requirements for operational safety and durability. We have successfully transferred this technology to offshore wind, which also operates in extreme weather conditions and challenging environments.

Our seawater filters are integrated as part of the cooling system for transformers on the hub platforms at offshore wind farms.

We have extensive experience in producing filters for demanding applications, and therefore, our filters are made of high-quality materials and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

We are proud to offer customized solutions to our customers, and we work closely with them to understand their requirements and adapt the filters to their applications.

We have a dedicated team of engineers ready to assist you with any questions or specific requirements you may have.

We look forward to contributing to your project.