Filter Vessels

Stryvo manufacture  filter house in a numerous variations. Simple bevel ends, flanged, pressure rates from 150# to 2500# and a wide range of materials. The Filter vessels can be equipped with drain nozzle on lid, handles and davit. All sizes can be provided. All filter house delivered according to Norsok. Special customer requirements can be adapted.

Design and production according to: Norsok and EN13445
Steel grades according to Norsok Carbon steel, SS316, 22Cr Duplex, 25Cr Duplex, 6Mo, Titan, Cu/Ni

Solutions :

  • Cartrige filters for solid or gas.
  • Vertical and Horizontal filter house for removal of liquids or solid and solids from Gas or Liquid. (all type of filter element or bag elemets)
  • Gas solid/ Liquide separation
  • Vertical and horizontal vessels for removal of liquid from gas or Liquid. (All type of Coalescer or Demistor element.)
  • Liquid Filtration

All type of application where you need filtration down to 1 my, we can provide a filter solution.