Custom-made production

Stryvo manufactures a wide range of product to the oil & gas industry.
Stryvo is an efficient producer of high quality products in all sizes and quantities. 
Our team of engineers and our production staff are highly skilled and have long experience with deliveries to different areas in the world. 
We deliver the whole range of product from the tiny, small, machined parts to complete large machined and welded, ready assembled constructions. 
We deliver complete documentation and the products can delivered ready tested and certified in accordance with NORSOK or other offshore standards. 
Stryvo have highly skilled and motivated operators in all positions and a long tradition for mechanical production.

We are a flexible supplier that is always aiming to create added value for both Stryvo and their customers through product quality and accomplishment.
Stryvo has high expertise in engineering, procurement, construction, and management (EPCM) and can deliver complete project in accordance with the customer requirements. 
We are known for our liability and good quality and we will offer you our best of competence.

Our Services
Complete products
EPCM - contracts
Production, assembly and testing
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