Stryvo supplies standard filters and customized solutions. Both manually operated and completely automated filters are within our product range.

Stryvo have in-house design and project management: We build complete filter solutions that includes vessels, valves, instrumentation, instrument tubing, hoses, skids etc.

Design and production are in accordance to NORSOK, PED (97/23 / EC), Maskinforskriften (2006/42/EF) and applicable custom requirements.

Stryvo have a staff of well-qualified engineers who are using 3D-CAD technology and pressure vessel software for calculations, technical drawing, documentation etc.

Stryvo have four high-tech workshops located in Norway. Each site produce filters and filter components. Our workshops are familiar with materials acc. to Nordsok, TR2000 and other customer material specifications.

All our filters can be supplied in carbon steel, SS316, Duplex, Super-Duplex, 6MO, Titanium and GRP.