Vision Statement

"Trusted partner for future solutions”

Mission Statement / Business Ethics

Our Mission Statement includes details of our core business principles for success and is therefore internally facing i.e. what do we want  to achieve and how we will do it on a daily basis:

Stryvo Group to be the supplier and brand of choice of our customers, by the professional community, in each of our markets segments.
Our market position is achieved through delivery of a professional level of services adapted to the market, within our core competencies, with respect to our clients and to common business relationship.

Service is delivered in a professional manner, with integrity by well-trained, supervised and highly motivated individuals who enjoy working in Stryvo Group.
Staff are motivated by the challenges of their assigned tasks, recognition of excellence, regular training and a good working environment.

Management protects and maintains our non-political, open and honest culture and acts with integrity.

Consequently, Stryvo Group, in all its forms when viewed by clients, staff, feeders, suppliers or shareholders, will continue to exceed expectations.