What we do 

Stryvo is a Norwegian total player within design, manufacturing, testing, installation and documentation related to metal processing. We deliver products, structures and process systems to several industries; including oil and gas, maritime, renewable energy and building and constructions. Stryvo consists of several companies with modern machinery and highly qualified workers.

Stryvo will through product quality and accomplishments always work hard for creating added values for our customers and ourselves.

Companies in the Group

Members of the Board of Directors

The Stryvo Group's Board of Directors consists of 3 members.
The members of the Board are Erik Skogen and Linda Merete Bøe.
Oddvar Strand is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Stryvo Stryn was established in 1947 as Stryn Vognfabrikk

Stryvo is a total player within design, manufacturing, testing, installation and documentation of products, structures and process system. Modern machinery and highly qualified workers are well equipped for advanced machining and assembly.

Stryvo Bismo established in 2013

Stryvo Bismo have their expertise from earlier Bismo Industries, established in 1976. They have good reputation for high quality in engineering and supply of process equipment, water purification systems for offshore and the energy sector.

Brødr. Skaug (Stryvo Oslo) acquired in 2014 

Brothers Skaug specializes in turning and machining alloy steels such as titanium, inconel and super duplex

Stryvo Florø established 2015

Stryvo Florø offers machining services to the Florø region and got customer both offshore and onshore

Key figures

Turnover 100M NOK
Employees 80
Buildings 12 500 sqm
Sites 70 0000 sqm